Matusadona National Park is one of Zimbabwe’s absolute gems.  Bounded by Lake Kariba on the north and two perennial rivers, the Ume and Sanyati, to the south and east, Matusadona has a broad range of habitats from a rugged hilly interior to the floodplain on the lakeshore.  In 1975 when the park was gazetted, the area supported hundreds of black rhino, huge herds of elephant and buffalo and all the big cats.  There followed years of decline, much of the park went unpatrolled and the once mighty abundance of game fell into a precipitous decline.   Until now, that is.  Under the auspices of African Parks, security has returned and, when coupled with an active reintroduction program, wildlife numbers are rebounding nicely.  The ranger force has also been doubled with a view to releasing 30 black rhino in mid 2025.  Exciting stuff!