Nee Nee

Nee Nee was raised in the narrow streets of Rangoon’s China Town not far from the city’s bustling harbour. An inquisitive child with restless energy and a sparkle in her eye, she was known to all who loved her as ‘Little Red’.  Smart, hardworking and blessed with deep resources of charisma and courage, she excelled in labour and academia.  Winning through to a BA in International Relations from Yangon University and subsequent work in law offices in Rangoon.  And, in happier times, the tourism industry in Burma.

Today, Nee Nee is known for her quiet disposition, well adjusted sense of humour and excellent organisational skills. She speaks English, Chinese and French.  And, in addition to working on a historical novel that has grown into many hundreds of pages and two volumes, she is the author of a series of children’s books and numerous travel articles in magazines that span the region. She is devoutly Buddhist, with an extraordinary knowledge of the remarkable history of her country and the Dharma (Buddha’s Teachings). Nee Nee spends most of her time working on her books and running a charity that supports remote schools and adult education.